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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We refuse to load up the sauce with preservatives. It lasts for about 10 days in the fridge after opening. This exact time depends on a lot of different factors (cross-contamination with a noodley spoon, left out on counter for an hour… etc). If you’re concerned about finishing it, you can store what’s left in the freezer!

A: Yes! It is a fresh food product with no preservatives.

Yes! It freezes well right in the pouch (or in an ice cube tray!) – just defrost in the fridge over night, or in a bowl of warm water. Heat it up in a saucepan stirring frequently to re-incorporate. Check out this helpful video!

A: The commercial kitchen we use is 100% peanut free. NONA Vegan is certified gluten-free by NSF. 

A: Our sauces are extremely versatile! They’re great on pasta, poured over veggies, mixed with rice for a creamy risotto, add a bit of lemon or balsamic vinegar to use it cold on salad, as a dip, on fries… Basically add it anywhere you want savoury creaminess! Click here for meal ideas or follow us on social media! Get creative and come up with your own creations – tag us (@nonavegan) on social media to share how you use your NONA!

A: Yes! All of our sauces are Kosher-Certified!

A: Alfredo, Cheesy, Bolognese and Rosee are soy-free. Carbonara has a very small amount of soy (“bacon bits”), although it’s not a soy-based product.

A: They are very low in carbs (especially the Carbonara, which now has NO maple syrup) – so yes according to most. These specific diets are difficult to certify a big YES or NO as beliefs can differ.

A: According to most, yes. The only debated ingredient in our sauces is the Arrowroot Powder. Most sources say that since it is from a plant it is fine but others disagree. Ultimately it is up to you – the amount of arrowroot powder we use is very small – so we’ve got a lot of paleo customers that buy and use the sauces.

A: The company incorporated in June of 2013. The owner, Kailey, has been a vegan for 15+ years and grew up experimenting in the kitchen with her Italian mother. Together they developed the recipe for Vegan Alfredo and it was a family favourite. When she was 22, Kailey’s mother passed away and she was inspired to share her (and her mother’s) love of vegan cooking with the world. (Read more about our story here)

A: Ask for it! Tell your local grocer that you’d like us in their store – a customer recommendation goes a long way.❤

Download our Store Request Form and take it to your favourite retailer to bring NONA to you!

A: We use a great nutritional yeast – it is an inactive yeast (won’t contribute to candida) and is extracted from organic beet molasses – it is then fortified with B vitamins (great for your health!). We use it in our Cheesy-Style and Carbonara-Style sauces.

A: Arrowroot Powder (sometimes known as Arrowroot Starch or Arrowroot Flour) is derived from a tropical South American plant. The plant was given the name “Arrowroot” because it was once used to treat those injured with wounds from poison arrows. The Native Caribbean Arawak people made arrowroot a foundation of their diet and valued it for its amazing healing benefits. Arrowroot is a tuberous plant which is washed, peeled, and grated into finer pieces. These arrowroot pieces are strained, allowing the liquid to drip off. The starch is in this liquid. It is one of the easiest starches for the body to digest. It’s what they use in arrowroot baby cookies! We also use it because cornstarch is often GMO.

A: We use high quality spices/seasonings – the recipe just tastes best like this! It also allows for more consistent processing. See here for details on the family recipe development.

A: In developing the products, we consulted with nutritionists and naturopaths regarding the sodium content. The Alfredo & Carbonara are lower than the Cheesy but all are comparable to or lower than conventional sauces of this kind. They are well within the range of acceptable sodium content, although not strictly considered ‘low sodium’.

A: Cashews have “good fat” (like avocados) that your body needs for energy and to metabolize – the sauces are low in carbs, and have some protein from the cashews. All in all, they have a LOT less fat than traditional cream sauces, and have NO cholesterol. Use on veggies for a virtually carb-free meal!

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