My favourite Italian phrase… Tutti a tavola! 

(or everyone to the table).

NONA Vegan is a tribute to my late Italian mama. It gives me such pleasure to offer up my family traditions to your table.

"My family and I could not believe this Alfredo-Style sauce was vegan and still so delicious! Even my picky toddler ate it all up. Thank you for making creamy dressings a part of our family's menu again!"
— Hemingway G.


Need to take a siesta after you indulge in a heavy cream-based sauce? NONA sauces trade in the ingredients of typical cream sauces for nutrient-rich ingredients (like cashews) that will leave you feeling energized!


No animals were harmed in the making of these vegan sauces! If you’re in the business of making ethical, environmentally-friendly choices for you and your family then look no further.


Our sauces are proudly made in Canada! You can feel great about investing your money in a female-owned and LGBTQ+ owned heart-powered small business with every bite you take!


Have an allergy, but missing the comfort of cream sauces? Lactose-free and gluten-free folks are some of our most valued customers. With NONA Vegan, you can finally indulge in the textures and flavours that you’ve been missing!

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